We are always happy to pause your account should you need to take a break from your Cobot subscription. Just send us a request to support@cobot.me. This is free and there are no penalties or fees to either pause or reactivate your account.

To delete your account, log in and click on your email address at the top of the page. After that, click on Edit Account in the top right corner, where you will find the Delete Account button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can only delete your account if you are neither a member nor an admin of any coworking space. If you are still a member of a coworking space, you need to cancel your membership(s) first. Please contact the admin of your coworking space to do this for you is you are unable to do so within your member portal.

If you are an admin of a space and you would like to cancel your Cobot subscription, you can do so by logging into the admin side of Cobot » Setup » Subscription » Cancel Subscription. You will also have the option to pause your subscription.

If you are an admin of a space that is still in trial, the account will automatically be deleted when the trial ends.

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