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The Meeting Room Add-on works by displaying any current or upcoming meetings on a full-screen tablet mounted right outside meeting rooms in your space. To get this up and running, you'll need to mount the tablet, install the Add-on (on the tablet) and (optionally) configure your tablet to display in a special 'kiosk' mode.

Here's how:

Mount the Tablet Next to Your Meeting Room

There are a ton of different types of tablets out there. Some will require power, PoE (power-over-Ethernet) or even USB.*

Install the Meeting Room Display Add-on

Once you've mounted your tablets and connected them to WiFi, login to your Cobot space from the tablet and install the Meeting Room Display Add-on. You'll be prompted to load the correct resource for the tablet.

Once you have done this, you'll see any upcoming/current bookings for the selected room.

Put the Tablet In Kiosk Mode

As the tablet's functions can still be accessed by anyone who can touch it's screen, you may want to put your tablet in to 'kiosk mode' for public display.

Once you're configured in kiosk mode:

  1. Login to your Cobot admin account (on the tablet)

  2. Open the Meeting Room Display Add-on

  3. Click or copy/paste the link for the meeting room you want to use

  4. Configure your tablet's kiosk app to display that link

We hope that helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any support.

*There are some solutions (like JOAN) which only need to be charged once every 3 months, but if you're using it, you won't need this add-on - they work by connecting Cobot to Google Calendar and connecting the tablet to the calendars there.

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