So you've made your decision and you're ready to change your space's management software. Here's a step-by-step guide that will take you through the entire process in order to ensure a smooth transition from your current software to Cobot.

First, you need to start a trial account here. After that, setup the following in the admin side of your Cobot account:

1) Space Settings under Setup » Basic (fill out all sections there).

2) Invoice Settings under Setup » Invoice Settings.

3) Privacy Policy under Setup » Privacy Policy.

4) Start your Cobot Subscription under Setup » Billing Details.

5) Setup your Resources.

6) Setup your plans. Make sure that your plan names in Cobot match the plan names in your current software, as this will impact your member import.

7) Setup your automated payment gateway within Cobot under Setup » Automated Payments. If you are using the same payment provider in your current software that you want to use in Cobot (Stripe for example), then we can transfer your member's payment data seamlessly. If not, admins or members will need to re-enter their payment data.

Please contact to see if we support your current payment gateway.

8) Disable any payment processing in your current software to avoid double billing anyone in your space.

9) We will run a member import for you. Your Cobot invoices will be sent on the members' billing date, starting from the first of the upcoming month after the import. You can fill out the spreadsheet found in this guide, or you can give us access to your account and we can do a direct import for you. A direct import depends on which software you are currently using.

10) Add your staff as administrators.

Transferring Your Members Effectively:

1) Notify your members of the software change before their next billing date. The more time you can give them to get used to the idea that their software will be changing, the better! Start posting visible signage in your space, as well as sending emails so that they are aware of the upcoming software change.

2) Turn on the 'all member must enter payment method' feature under Customize » Features » Payments. This way, if we are not able to transfer your payment data, your members will not be able to access their Cobot member portal until they have added their payment method. This will save you from having to individually track them down later.

3) Once the member import is complete and payment methods are set up, send a bulk connect request to your member list so that they can log in. You can do this from the member list under Manage » Members. Check out this video to see how the member portal looks to your members.

Here is what your member will see when you send them the connect request. Please instruct them to click on 'Create a new account' unless they are certain that they have an account with another coworking space using Cobot. If they do, they can click on 'I have a password' and use their already existing account information.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at We are happy to help!

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