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Are you a team or developer who would like to create an add-on for Cobot? Check out the answers to frequently asked questions below to see if applying is right for you.

What kinds of add-ons can I share with other users?

Cobot's purpose is to automate tasks so that admins can spend their time where it matters: with their community. Suppose your add-on helps free up more time, increases community engagement, or extends the functionality of Cobot. In that case, we want to hear from you!

Can I earn revenue from the add-ons I share?

Yes! If you are sharing something valuable with others and will be maintaining and supporting your add-on, charging for its use is a perfectly acceptable way to ensure you have the resources to continue operating at a high standard. Of course, we encourage you to share free-to-use add-ons too.

When should I consider a revenue share model with Cobot?

Our support team maintains up-to-date guides whenever new add-ons become available through Cobot. Our support team is also the first point of contact for customers and helps them get the most out of the tools they use—like your add-on—and resolve any problems. In this way, revenue share models help us support third-party add-ons better and create better experiences for our admins. We encourage revenue sharing with Cobot and will be more likely to approve add-ons that follow this model. If you charge individuals to use your add-on, revenue sharing: you don't deal with invoices. We do!

What is the add-on approval process like, and who is involved?

  • The first step is to reach out to our team and share a proposal for the add-on. You can find a checklist for this further down the page.

  • Our support, integration partnerships, and management teams will review your proposal.

  • Once the proposal is approved, we will test and evaluate the add-on internally.

  • Our communications team will also review your brand and online presence. Their goal will be to ensure that users who find you have confidence in your brand, offering, and our partnership.

  • Once tested, you'll continue working with us to reach out to beta-testers: actual Cobot customers we identify as a good fit for your product.

  • Once beta-testing is complete, our Integrations Partnership Manager will provide the final approval before making the app available to all Cobot-powered spaces. You will also collaborate with our communication team to promote the add-on.

What development frameworks work best with Cobot?

When building your add-ons, we encourage you to work closely with our API Documents and to refer to our example applications on GitHub.

We are trying to move away from iframes as admins frequently bump into issues with broken add-ons due to cookies, etc. As we do not yet have a better alternative, they will need to write their UI in javascript, and we can embed that on Cobot. This is subject to change.

What happens if my add-on is not approved?

We'll let you know why it is rejected, and if changes need to be made, you can always reapply. You can, of course, still use your add-on and share it with other spaces, but we won't promote it.

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