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You can give discounts by customizing your members' plan.

As soon as you confirm a membership, the first invoice is generated, so the best time to give a discount for any new members is before you confirm them. There are two ways to do this:

1) To customize a plan so that all new members signing up to it receive the discount, go to Setup » Plans » Edit plan » Extras » Add Extra. You can create a negative charge so that it is applied ongoing as a separate line item on your members' invoice and deducted from the plan total.

Setting up the discount as an extra as opposed to discounting the plan price directly under Basic Settings has the added benefit of the member seeing how much a full membership costs.

2) To add a discount for just one member, as opposed to all new members signing up for that plan, click on 'Allow to customize the conditions before confirming the membership' when you add the new member.

To add a discount to an existing member's plan, go to their Member Profile » Plan » Customize Plan and make any changes you would like. Be sure to click on 'Save Plan' afterwards. Any changes will be effective immediately.

Offering discounts for members committing to longer term memberships:

There are two ways to offer discounts for longer-term time commitments:

  1. Create a new custom plan (for when there will be many members on the plan or in order to track the group independently in the analytics).

  2. Customize an existing plan (for when this will be used by only a few members or for individually negotiated terms).

1. Creating An Additional Plan For Longer-Term Commitments

  1. Go to Setup » Plans » Add Plan.

  2. Set up all the aspects of your plan (see https://www.cobot.me/guides/plans for any questions).

  3. Under Price, input the total discounted price and adjust the number of months.

Select Hidden Plan if only admins should adjust the plan, or leave Hidden Plan unchecked if you would like members to be able to sign-up for it directly.

2. Customizing An Existing Member Plan

If you are doing a customization of payment terms for just a few members, or negotiating each rate individually - we recommend customizing their existing plan.

  1. Go to Manage » Members » Select the Member Profile.

  2. Select Plan > dropdown > Customize Plan

  3. Customize Plan allows you to start from their current plan and make a few select changes.

  4. Under Price, input the total discounted price and adjust the number of months.


The first option of an additional plan will allow you to track the memberships in each type of plan separately. The second option of customizing an existing plan, will give the member a plan with a custom cost/payment cycle but the member will be considered on the original plan for analytics purposes.

Offering Time-delimited Discounts

Sometimes, you may want to offer a discount to be applied for the first few payment cycles of a member - than have it return to the regular price.

Simply add a negative Monthly Extra to their Plan and schedule a plan change without the extra at the state date for when you want the regular price to begin.

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