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Check out our entire 'Getting Started With Cobot' video playlist here for an overview of all the best places to get started. Or read the step-by-step guide below.

This guide will cover:

    1. Resources

    2. Membership Plans

    3. Create How-To's

    4. Adding Members

    5. Automate Check-Ins

Signing up for a Trial and Best Practices

You can sign up for a new account via our trial signup page.

This is where you will determine the subdomain for your space, which is the customizable part of the Cobot URL. For example, if you enter Your-Space, the URL of your Homepage will be your-space.cobot.me.

After this step, you will be redirected to your admin dashboard:

You will notice little question marks throughout the tool. These will correspond to the relevant Guide for that section.

Setting up Your Basic Settings

First, you should set up your basic settings:

Next, set up the following in this order:


You can set up resources such as a meeting or conference room. Members can then book via your online booking calendar after adding them as a member and connecting them to their member profile.

You can also set up External Bookings to allow non-members to book your resources.

Membership Plans

To add members to your space in Cobot, you need to set up at least one membership plan. For members who don't want to work full time, Cobot can completely automate buying and using time passes.

Create How-To's

You can set up how-to's in the Help Desk. Here you can explain how things work around your space, such as using the printers or the coffee machine, helping you to create a custom FAQ section for your members.

Adding Members

Add new members to your space on Cobot so you can manage their details, add payment methods, set up automatic invoicing, and more.

Once connected, members can log in to manage their accounts via your Cobot Homepage.

Automate Your Check-Ins

Our WiFi integrations, RFID/swipe card check-in, or door access integration will allow you to track attendance and deduct Time Passes automatically.

Next Step: Start adding other Administrators

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