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We have partnered with ezeep so you can charge for printing in your space. You can limit how many pages your members can print by plan, give additional print rates based on their plan, and charge members for printing on their monthly invoices.

Check out ezeep's setup video or our step by step instructions below:

This guide covers:

Before You Begin

To ensure the printer integration works for you, you will need the following:

  • A PC with Windows installed

  • At least one printer connected to the PC

  • An ezeep account. Please note: ezeep DASH does not work with this integration.

Typically ezeep runs on a pre-pay model, but once you connect your accounts, ezeep will receive notification that you are a Cobot-associated account. This will make it so your members can pay for prints on their monthly invoices.

Please ensure you have received notification from ezeep that this has been done before setting up the integration.

Signing Up With ezeep

  1. Sign up for an ezeep account. The current integration works with ezeep Legacy.

  2. Download the software/plugin by downloading the ezeep connector for Windows. To do this, you will need a PC with Windows already installed logged into your ezeep.com account on the PC.

  3. You may be asked to log in again and allow ezeep to make changes.

  4. After this, download ezeep for Desktop or Mobile, depending on where you wish to print from.

  5. Next, add printers by clicking on the Printer tab in your ezeep dashboard. It will automatically pick up all active printers within range. You can choose to delete some or add a location to make them easier to differentiate.

If you need help with any of the above steps, please reach out to ezeep support.

Installing the Integration on Cobot

  1. Go to Add-ons » Available Add-ons » ezeep Printing » Get Started » Select your space from the admin side of Cobot.

  2. Click on Add ezeep Account and Enter your ezeep log-in details.

  3. Check or uncheck the auto connect feature:

Leaving the 'Automatically Connect all member's to ezeep...' box CHECKED:

All of your Cobot members in your current member list who are connected to their member profile will be automatically added to your ezeep account. You will see them in your ezeep dashboard under 'Users.'

If there is a green checkmark next to their name, a connect email was sent from ezeep to the member. If there is a red x next to their name, no email was sent, and you can manually send the invite from ezeep. See instructions below for an overview.

Groups will be auto-created in ezeep according to the plans attached to each member. After the integration is set up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ezeep and click on Users and Groups » Groups. There should be groups populated that match your Cobot plans. If there are any missing, add them manually.

  2. Create Policies in ezeep and attach them to your groups. The policy will limit your member's printer usages, so you will want to do this as soon as possible.

  3. Now go back to your Users and assign anyone who is missing a group to the correct group. The policies you set up will now apply to that person.

Leaving the 'Automatically Connect all member's to ezeep...' box UNCHECKED:

You will be able to manually connect only the members you wish to invite to ezeep on an individual basis from Cobot. Here is what to do if you choose this option:

  1. You will be directed to the integration dashboard. Click on 'Connect Members' and choose which members you would like to connect.

  2. Go ezeep dashboard and click on Users & Groups » Groups » Create your first group. Manually create groups to match the names of your Cobot plans.

  3. Create Policies in ezeep and attach them to your groups. The policy will be what will limit your member's printer usages.

4. Now, go back to your Users and assign them to the correct group. The policies you set up will now apply to that person.


  • You can only connect one Cobot account to one ezeep account. So if you have multiple spaces, you will need multiple ezeep accounts.

Setting up Your Members

If your member shows a green checkmark under the licensed column in the Users & Groups tab on your ezeep dashboard, this is the email they received:

1. Once they click on Set Password, they will have their own limited ezeep account connected to yours. Their dashboard will look like this:

2. They will then need to either download the app for their computer or their mobile device. They are NOT required to have Windows.

3. Once connected, your members can print directly from their ezeep account webpage by going to Print Now or file » print on their device like usual.

The printers available to them will have an (e) in front, which indicates they are attached to ezeep.

Member instructions will also be available within their member portal after enabling ezeep on your Cobot account. It will be visible under the 'Printing' tab.

Further Guides From Ezeep

If you need further guidance from ezeep, check out their Quick Setup Guide and How To Print with ezeep Guide.


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