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Extras are items or services your coworkers can book in addition to their plan; like a key to the space, use of the mailbox, or a locker. The charges for these services are billed along with the fee for the membership plan.

When you add an item here, a checkbox will appear on the coworker's sign-up form, allowing them to choose any number of extras. If a particular item is limited in number (for example, only X sets of keys), add a note to the description to make sure your coworkers talk to you to double-check if the extra is available before adding it to their membership.

Tip: you can also add negative charges for discounts or even time-delimited plan discounts.

Click the "Add extra" button to create additional extras. The price field is for the pre-tax sum.

Note: You can always change a plan at a later time by clicking Edit on the Plan page under Setup. This change will then only enter into effect for the coworkers who sign up after it was made. For all the members already signed up to that plan, nothing changes.

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