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We know that the safety of your community is your top priority, especially during times like these. That's why there is now a way to document and track your member's vaccination (2G/3G) status.

This guide will cover the following points:

Members Checked In Add-On

As described here, Cobot offers four different ways to check in your members. The "Members checked in" add-on is one of them.

You can easily install this add-on under Add-Ons » Members checked in. It will then appear under Manage » Members checked in and will offer you an overview of the following information:

  • Member name & plan name

  • Time pass with which the member is checked in

  • Check-in time

Adding a Vaccination Status

In addition to the above, you can now add your member's vaccination status: "Vaccinated/Recovered," "Tested," or "Not Protected."

You can activate this option in the upper right corner by clicking on "Track 2G/3G Status". The date is also added automatically to track when the protection was checked (helpful for tested members).


  • Currently, this feature is only available for spaces located in the DACH region. Get in touch with our team if your space is located elsewhere and you want to use this feature.

  • By default, only members on plans with time passes can be checked in. However, if you wish to check-in all your members, feel free to contact our team!

  • The vaccination status is only visible to admins and cannot be viewed by other members.

  • Admins need permission to view and edit "custom fields" to update vaccination status. This permission can be given under Setup » Administrators.

  • If you want to search certain members in your list, just use the key combination "cmd + F."

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