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In addition to your Resource Booking Calendar for members and the External Booking Portal for visitors, Cobot gives you a separate Events page to manage your Space's events from start to finish.

This guide will cover:

Creating an Event

To create a new event, go to Manage » Events » New Event.

The form allows you to populate the following:

  1. Event Title

  2. Date, Time & Duration

  3. Description

  4. Image or Color

  5. Location

  6. Select One or More Resources: This will block the corresponding date and time on your resource calendar so no double bookings occur.

  7. Video URL for online events: Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

  8. Tags: These will appear on your events landing page so you and your members can toggle the views on and off to find relevant events quickly.

  9. Capacity: Set a limit, and members can 'attend' events from their member portal. Once the attendee limit is reached, they will see a 'fully booked' button.

  10. Price field for paid events: Ticket fees are added to the member's next invoice.

  11. Make it a public event: This will generate a link you can embed or share outside of Cobot. Your members can also share the event with others from their member portal.

Once you have filled out the form, you can save the event as a draft to be completed or edited later, or you can save and post the event. This will make the event visible to your members so they can confirm attendance.

Event Member Portal

Any events you create will appear on a separate Events tab within your member portal view. Here they can see upcoming events, look at events they have confirmed attendance to, and see all past events.

They can see the event’s details by clicking on the Event title.

Event Embed Codes

You can embed up to five display up to five public events outside of Cobot. Go to Manage » Events » Embed Code. Copy and paste the code into any HTML-friendly page.

Screenshot of an Events 'embed code' text

When visitors click the widget links, they’ll be taken to the public page for the Event they clicked on.

At this point, visitors can either sign up as members or log in with their previously created Cobot account to complete the RSVP process.

Admins can style it as they like by editing the in-line CSS code for the widget.

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