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To simplify invoicing (and especially reporting), we offer a way to track the payments you receive from your coworkers: Cobot’s Accounting Codes feature.

You can activate accounting codes with just a click by going to Setup and then Invoice Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the box labelled “Enable accounting codes” and then Save.

Once activated, an accounting code field will appear on all forms related to charges that show up on invoices, like plans, extras, bookings, time passes, and one-time charges.

Next, define individual accounting codes for your different services. You can start by going to Setup » Plans » Edit » Basic Settings.

You can enter any code variation here. When the product is added to your member's invoice, the code will appear on the line item of the member's invoice.

Accounting codes help to track where your revenue is coming from, using your accounting software or a spreadsheet app like Excel. To create an Excel sheet, go to Manage » Invoices » csv. Choose whether you want invoices or line items, and click the button of your choice.

💡 Pro Tip: You can also search by accounting code in the member overview. This is useful if you have too many similarly named plans or multiple plans with different names that you still want to group.

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